Foods that Stain or Whiten your Teeth

We all want that shiny, white Hollywood Smile, but many of the liquids and foods we intake can hinder that.  Make sure to balance out your diet so you eat foods that whiten your teeth as well as keep them healthy.  If you indulge in habits that stain your teeth, make sure to swish your mouth out with water, use a straw for dark liquids or swallow promptly.


Coffee, Cola and Black Tea– It may make you wake up in the morning, but this dark beverage also tints your teeth.

Wine and Juice- It stains teeth just as much as it does table clothes.  Since it is acidic, it makes the teeth even more vulnerable towards stains.

Berries- These may be good for your overall health, but cherries, raspberries, blueberries and others also stain your teeth.

Popsicles- The worst are popsicles since it dyes your mouth, lips and teeth, but also contains huge amounts of sugar.

Soy Sauce- You may want to use soy sauce sparingly on your sushi next time as the dark liquid can create a not so white smile.

Tomato Sauce and Curry- Once again, deeply colored sauces are capable of deep stains on your teeth.  Tomatoes are especially acidic and leave your teeth porous.

Whitens teeth-whitening-07

Apples- An apple a day will keep the dentist away too, as this fruit increases saliva production and washes away blemishes.

Cheese- Teeth are bones and need calcium and phosphorus, this protein rich food protects against acids that we eat.

Sesame Seeds- Next time ask for a sesame seed bagel as they fight all the plaque in your mouth.

Carrots- Rabbits have the right idea, make sure to eat carrots to shield your tooth enamel and get your daily dose of vitamin A.

Basil- This herb does wonders when it comes to decreasing the bacteria in your mouth; it also leaves a fresh scent in your mouth, much like mouthwash.

Dark Greens- Healthy for the body and the teeth, broccoli and spinach forms a barrier that repels acid and scrubs away stains.

If your teeth are badly stained, call Robbie Smith DDS and schedule a teeth whitening or cleaning today!

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