Tooth Colored Fillings

A tooth filling is an effective way to prevent tooth decay or bacteria build-up to an already damaged tooth. To install a filling, we first remove the decayed tooth material, clean the area, and fill the cavity with a filling material. For fillings that are placed on more noticeable teeth, such as the front teeth, we prefer to use tooth-colored fillings, which feature the same natural texture and coloring of the rest of your teeth.

A tooth-colored filling is a composite resin made up of a combination of plastic, glass and silica. We mix these composite resins in our Wake Forest office, and then apply them to the tooth area, letting them hardened into place, making them look real and natural. The technology of creating composite fillings has greatly advanced, and today tooth colored fillings are used to create a strong, durable substance. Whether we are performing a tooth filling or laser dental surgery, Robbie Smith DDS uses the latest in dental technology to perform the most advanced dental procedures with minimal pain and discomfort for our patients.

Primarily used for cosmetic reasons, tooth-colored composite fillings are now the preferred method of cavity fillings for many dentists and patients alike. They provide you with the natural, durable look and feel of real teeth, enriching your smile and brightening your day!

For more information on natural tooth colored fillings or to schedule your own consultation, submit an inquiry form or call us today at (919) 556-2997!

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