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TMJ treatment in the dental world has become the equivalent to back pain treatment in the medical world. Fewer and fewer spinal surgeons will attempt back surgery, due to poor prognosis. For the same reason, oral surgeons will rarely attempt TMJ surgeries on a patient, unless there is actually a broken jaw due to extreme trauma.

Most TMJ pain is accompanied by many other factors related to the patient’s overall health. Because the TMJ is actually the joint that is supported by all of the ligaments and muscles directly associated with the head, neck and back, we recognize that most patients who suffer from TMJ pain also have trouble with their neck, back, and general posture.

Our head should sit directly on top of our shoulders for our muscles and ligaments to remain ‘at rest’ throughout the day, but unfortunately with modern technology, ie. cell phones, tablets, computers, etc., most of our patients at Robbie Smith, DDS find themselves in a ‘forward head tilt’ position throughout most of the day. As your head moves forward and is no longer centered on top of your shoulders, it’s weight is transferred to all of the muscles and ligaments associated with the TMJ, head and neck. Thus, the chronic pain experienced with TMJ is mostly from strained muscles and ligaments.

Another common cause of TMJ pain is related to poor occlusion, including missing and/or broken teeth. When a patient does not have ideal tooth form and function, there is a tendency towards clenching and grinding which is also a contributing factor leading to TMJ pain. We use a multidisciplinary approach to TMJ treatment and try to leave “no stone unturned” when figuring out what is at the cause of each patient’s TMJ symptoms.

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