Laser Soft Tissue Treatment Wake Forest NC

Have you ever wondered how important the health of your gums is for your smile? Often times, the appearance of our teeth is directly impacted by the health of our gingiva “gum tissue.” Patients with inflamed or overgrown gums usually do not like the appearance of their teeth.

The enlarged gums actually make their teeth look smaller and can cast ‘shadows’ on teeth making them appear dull or darker than they really are. Irregular gum tissue can also create the appearance of ‘crooked or crowded’ teeth, whereas a smooth, seamless gumline highlights a healthy smile with a more proportionate, aligned appearance.

Gum Tissue Treatment Wake Forest NC

Here at Robbie Smith, DDS, our soft tissue laser is used to treat tissue overgrowth and to achieve a more symmetrical gumline. It can be used with local anesthetic and the patient experiences virtually no ‘down time’ after the procedure. Within 48 hours, the gums are practically healed!

When you choose to work with our experienced team for laser soft tissue treatment, we can help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of!

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