DIY vs. Professional Whitening

Last Blog was about Foods that Stain or Whiten your Teeth.  What if you determine that your smile is not as pearly white as you want it to be?  If you want to brighten up your teeth a little, consider professional whitening.  Here is why you should get your teeth whitened at a dentist rather than struggling with a do-it-yourself kit at home.

  • Lasting Color– Professional whitening takes care of deeper stains and will show immediate results.images
  • Stronger Bleach– You will not get lasting results with a do-it-yourself kit because of the scarce amount of bleach.  Professionals, on the other hand, use just the right amount to guarantee dazzling outcomes.
  • No Gum Irritation– The kit trays that are applied to your teeth are one size fits all, that’s why people’s gums get irritated when using over-the-counter products.  This may result in uneven whitening if you are not careful.
  • Customization– Professional jobs will customize your trays to provide the most comfort and the least irritation.  If you want a lifetime fix, consider veneers for the perfect teeth.

So try to avoid bad foods and drinks that will discolor or darken your teeth.  However, if it’s too late and they are already stained, come in to Robbie Smith DDS and we will provide long lasting, professional results.  Contact us Today!

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