Did You Know That Tooth Decay is the Single MOST Common Childhood Disease?

Yes, you read that correctly…THE most common childhood disease! It is 5 times more common than childhood asthma! Tooth decay knows no boundaries. It affects young, old, rich or poor and nobody is immune to it. Dentistry has been working hard to eradicate this disease, so why is it still so common?? One theory is our DIET!

We are living in a time where food is readily available and most everything we eat has been processed at some point or another. While some processed foods are better for you than others, for example, packaged apple slices are better for you than packaged cookies, all processed foods have the potential to wreak havoc in our mouths!!

Here’s how it happens:  The mouth is the first place digestion takes place. Mastication, or chewing, is the mechanism with which we start to break down our food. The chewed food mixes with saliva and produces starch which further breaks down into sugar.  Sugar starts to attack our teeth making them susceptible to tooth decay. The more sugary the food you are consuming, the higher the risk for potential tooth decay, cavities and other dental issues.

Want to see how many cubes of sugar are in some of your processed foods and beverages? Click here!

It is important to have your child’s teeth and yourself checked regularly as well as maintain a healthy diet. Contact Robbie Smith Dental today for an appointment!

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