Digital X-Rays

Offering some of the newest and cutting-edge dental technology machinery, Robbie Smith DDS uses Digital X-Ray machines as a safer, faster, and more practical alternative to traditional oral x-ray machines. Few dentists in Wake Forest and North Raleigh use the new Digital X-Ray technology, but we believe that the safety and comfort for our patients is our number one priority. This is why we only operate with Digital X-Ray machines, providing our patients with over 80% less exposure to the radiation. With no need for processing chemicals, fast production, and use of color, Digital X-Rays are the newest standard in dental x-ray technology.

One of the most critical aspects of proper dental care, X-Rays let our us assess and diagnose the conditions of your teeth. X-Rays expose many different dental problems, such as tooth decay, tooth abscesses, and impacted wisdom teeth. Also, X-Rays help us determine the situation of crowns, fillings, dental bridges, root canals, and many others.

For more information about our digital x-rays, or to have your own x-ray taken and diagnosed, please call us to schedule an appointment at (919) 556-2997 or submit an appointment request form.

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