CEREC - CAD-CAM Designed Same Day Crowns

We are excited about our ability to provide our patients with CEREC crowns in one appointment. Like all technological advances, Dr. Smith believes that the newest CEREC Omnicam computer has finally reached perfection. Dr. Smith’s ability to create the strongest, most esthetic crowns, inlays/onlays and even veneers surpasses anything that has been seen in the twenty plus years CAD-CAM has been used in dentistry. Along with the most advanced ceramic materials in the world, this CEREC Omnicam system has provided our paitents with the best dentistry has to offer.

CEREC Omnicam Advantages for our Patients:

  • Crowns are designed immediately after tooth preparation
  • No need for temporary crowns or gooey impression
  • Final Crown cemented that day
  • No metal based crowns with dark
  • Strongest porcelain materials ever used in industry
  • Ability to place ceramic filling as well with superior strength"

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